No time to work! Only Create! – LJ

Hello friends, LJ here! Creator of the Esquire Unlimited YouTube channel. A brief introduction about myself, I was born and raised in Australia – at the age of 15 I dropped out of school to follow my dreams as a musician. After 15 years of highs and lows playing as a rock musician, I was spent! – and went to live in an Ashram commune in the forest of Australia learning a holistic way of life. After leaving the commune, I went back into modern-day society in busy Melbourne City working a day job stuffed into an office cubical. Money was ok but the quality of life was poor, I dreamed of running along a sandy beach, eating tropical fruits and living a life without the stresses and burdens of the Western world. So I took the leap, I sold everything I owned and in 2014 I flew on a 1 way ticket to Northern Thailand. The rest is history!
Follow my adventures through this blog and my YouTube channel, be inspired because despite what society tells you. You can do it too! There is enough for everyone. You just need to harness your creative energy and put it to use!