The Best Private Camping Sites in Thailand

Camping in Thailand and around the world is gaining popularity, whether it’s to seek more freedom, connect with nature or just find some peace and quiet – camping can be the remedy to relax and experience some time away.

National Parks around Thailand offer some camping grounds but in this article, I will share some of my favourite private camping places around the country.

⭐ This article will be updated as we discover new campsites worthy to include, but for now here are our 5 highly recommended.


The pro’s for choosing a privately owned camping ground is that there is some form of order maintained within these places. Generally, people coming to camp in these places just want a space to set up a tent and enjoy a chilled night with friends. Loud music is not allowed and the camping grounds are kept clean and maintained. You have the safety and security knowing there is a site owner somewhere on the grounds that wants to maintain peace and ensure everyone enjoys their stay. Most privately owned camping spaces also have a shower, toilet and bathroom facility somewhere on site.

BAANKOHTEAB – บ้านเกาะเตียบ

Baankohteab is a beachfront camping area found in a peaceful fishing village in the Chumphon province about 80km drive from Chumphon city. As you approach the village by road you will be greeted by the tall and majestic mountains. The village and beachfront is around 5km from the main road.

On our visit we were one of few campers and it was easy to find a good camping spot. There are trees that keep the area cooler from the sun and the surrounding mountains even provide some shade in the morning – the sun sets over the water. Dusky Leaf Monkeys live in the mountains and can be seen in the nearby trees collecting food, there are also some wild pigs living close by although we did not see those during our stay.

There is a small beachfront bar and restaurant not far from the camping grounds which we found handy for buying some steamed rice to add to our meal. The shower and bathroom facilities are basic but well maintained.

If you feel like doing some water activities there are SUP boards and Kayaks for rent. Overall we had a really good stay in the Baankohteab camping grounds and recommend it as a top pick in Thailand.

Price: 150 baht per person per day for camping
Small cottages also available (prices vary).

Pros: Shade from the sun during the day. Beautiful views.

Cons: Boat sound early in the morning
Couldn’t park car next to tent, but carpark is decent.

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Baankohteab – บ้านเกาะเตียบ is featured in this video at around the 9:30 mark.

TAWEEKARN FARM ไร่ทวีกาญจน์

Pala-U is home to many great campsites and with the Pran Buri river running through many areas of this district it makes for a very enjoyable camping experience. Taweekarn Farm is possibly one of the most well-maintained campsites we have stayed at, with the very large camping area positioned right beside the river bank and many large trees offering shade and comfort from the warm sun. We camped here on a weekday and were the only people in the campsite on this day and evening. There are many birds and wildlife living along the river bank here so you can truly experience that “back to nature” feeling. Kayaks are also available free of charge if you feel like going for a little adventure along the river.

Price: 150 baht per person per day

Pros: Clean camping area, comfortable shower and toilet facilities.

Cons: Can not park car in the camping area.

Google Map:

Taweekarn Farm is featured in this video.

CHIANGDAO FARM STAY เชียงดาวฟาร์มสเตย์

Chiang Dao Farm Stay is a great little campsite right by the natural hot springs run by some friendly people. The winter months in northern Thailand are ideal for camping as the temperature makes it a perfect time to light a campfire and enjoy camping without the hot beating sun. This Farm Stay is quiet and peaceful situated right beside the huge beautiful mountain.

Price: 200 baht per person per day

Pros: Clean camping area, comfortable shower and toilet facilities.

Cons: None

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Located high in the mountains of the Ranong Province – Khao Narai Green View is a friendly and unique camping space that offers tranquility and comfort.

You will enter the campsite via a dirt road and when you reach the mountain top there is a very large open space where you can set up camp. At one end of the property is a building where the owners live – they serve food, coffee and drinks, there is also bathroom and toilet facilities available for the campers.

Some animals can be seen roaming the property like goats, sheepm ducks and deer. The views of the surrounding mountains from the camping ground are spectacular! Sleeping here was very peaceful with natural sounds all around and early morning there is a lot of fog and mist around.

Price: 150 baht per person per day

Pros: Beautiful views, friendly owners, power sources are available around the camping grounds.

Cons: No shade on campsite during the day can be very hot.

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Khao Narai Green View is featured at the start of this video.


Undoubtedly one of the best camping views you will experience in Thailand – Ao Toh Li View Point is located in the Phang Nga province just outside Phuket a panoramic viewpoint that needs to be seen to be believed!

More famously known is the Samet Nangshe viewpoint, another campsite and boutique hotel close by. But we list Ao Toh Li View Point as our top camping pick simply because it is more easily accessed and you can take your own vehicle to the campsite, which means you can take your own camping gear.

Expect a very steep drive and winding drive to the top of the camp site and a peaceful evening in this very unique location.

The site also offers small wooden villas to sleep in and there is a communal shower and toilet area.

Price: 150 baht per person per day

Pros: Breathtaking views, peace and quiet.

Cons: No shade on campsite during the day can be very hot.

Google Map:

Ao Toh Li View Point is featured in this video.