EnChroma Color Blind Glasses Review

When I first saw those viral videos going around of color blind people trying on the EnChroma Glasses and experiencing full color for the first time – I must admit I was skeptical. Then I started to read into the science behind them and started to ponder, ‘what if?’

What if these glasses could unlock the color I was unable to currently experience. It was certainly worth a shot!


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I must have been around 6 years old when the question came up one day when choosing ice-creams in the family home. I was pointing at one saying I want the purple one and there was no purple one. Then my Mum started to take me around the house asking me what color was this and what color was that?

I was eventually taken to an eye doctor who diagnosed me with red/green color blindness. It was no surprise to my Mum as this condition had run in the family.

My grandpop was color blind and passed the gene onto my Mum, my Mum wasn’t color blind but she carried the gene and passed it onto me.

Being color blind didn’t really seem to affect my life all that much. After all, seeing through your eyes is all that you know, you don’t have anything to compare it to. So colorful things can still appear colorful, relative to your own reality.

For many years I wanted to avoid talking about it, I hated the barrage of questions around the diner table, it confused me and made me feel uncomfortable.

I went through life really avoiding the conversation or even thinking about it, but I was often reminded when I went out to meet friends wearing clothes that were completely mismatched in color and getting laughed at and questioned.

And then there were the issues I faced when getting into photography and videography, trying to color grade photos and turning up the saturation so high on colors I could not see, only to be able to see them a little bit when others saw them as completely over saturated and unnatural.


As featured in my video that shows my reaction of trying on the EnChroma lenses for the first time. I was in awe and I think it actually took a few minutes for my brain to register what it was seeing. When I look at a plant that combines many shades of green and red it typically appears as only 2 or 3 colours but when I put on the EnChroma glasses, the red is revealed, the various shades of green are revealed some of which even look foreign to my brain. Additional shades of blue are revealed and this makes for a pleasant sensory experience.

My first reaction trying on the EnChroma glasses captured in the video


After wearing these glasses for many weeks now I can say these glasses do give me a much broader and clearer color vision experience.
I addition to the richer color experience they are also made with high quality and stylish frames.

Will they give you full-color vision?
Perhaps the results vary, I have completed color blind tests with and without the glasses on. With the glasses on I received a higher score but not a perfect score, it appears that there are still shades of green that I can not detect. But the fact they have enhanced my color vision I consider a blessing and would choose to wear these over any other sunglasses on the market.

These glasses are an excellent purchase for any person with color vision deficiency.