The Best Surf Spots in Phuket, Thailand

Surfing in Kata Noi Beach – May 2021


Surfing in Phuket is relatively unknown to some but is fast growing in popularity.

Things to know about Surf in Phuket
– It is seasonal (May until Oct)
Surf spots are only located on the Westside of Phuket Island
– Surf can lack consistency, you may only have 1 or 2 good days per week
– Waves tend to crumble rather than barrel

1. Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn Beach is a smaller stretch of beach, popular to many foreign tourists and locals. The far left of the beach (close to the windmill) can deliver a fast and powerful break, excellent for those that enjoy a bit more of a thrill ride when surfing.

On the days when smaller swells are forecast around the island – Nai Harn can be the one place where you will find waves big and powerful enough to enjoy. In other words, you could see poor swell in Kata Beach and drive around to Nai Harn on the same day and find it much better.

Late afternoon sessions can also deliver good waves.

Pros: Fast, heavy, powerful, good for bodyboarders

Cons: Can be more crowded than other places due to smaller size beach.

2. Kata Beach

Kata Beach is a popular spot for beginner surfers as it has the surf school on the far left side of the beach. That’s not to say it can’t be enjoyed by more experienced surfers, when the swell is big and the wind and tide is right some big peaks can form and longer rides can be experienced here.

Pros: Longer rides on good days

Cons: Surf can lack power

3. Kata Noi Beach

There are really 2 different spots to surf on Kata Noi, you can park on the winding road and walk the stairs down to the far right of the beach or you can park in front of the resorts in the center of town walk through the park to the middle point of the beach. Both spots can deliver relatively different surf. On a good day the middle can produce some very clean breaking long rides but this is best found in the early morning.

4. Kalim Beach

Probably the best waves I caught during my time surfing in Phuket was at Kalim, suitable for more experienced riders as you will need to navigate past the reef. Its a decent right-hand break and on a good day expect some nice long rides and clean waves.