Top 7 Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Da Nang

Vegan & Vegetarian Food is abundant in Da Nang, Vietnam and in this article I will list my top 6 choices you must visit while staying in this beautiful beach side city.

iVegan Da Nang

iVegan is my good-to restaurant in Da Nang when I need a good wholesome healthy fix. The menu has a great selection of savory veggie bowls each one with a selection of greens and protein, served in a generous portion. As well as the healthy bowls expect some meaty burgers and cheesy pizzas on the menu to satisfy the more heavier food cravings. Clean freshly pressed juices and smoothie bowls are available and a fine selection of cakes and desserts.

Must Try: Falafel Bowl

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KHONG Vegan Kitchen

KHONG Vegan Kitchen has become my frequent dinner spot in DaNang during the past few months. Their menu strikes the perfect balance between satisfying and healthy fare, making it a standout choice. What sets them apart is their thoughtful inclusion of brown rice, which aligns perfectly with my preference for wholesome options. Beyond their extensive menu, KHONG offers a delightful fusion of Western and traditional Vietnamese classics, along with a sprinkle of Thai-inspired dishes. Probably the best homemade chips in the world and a crispy mushroom burger to die for! This diverse culinary palette has me coming back for more, as I can savor the best of both worlds in every visit.

Must Try: Crispy Mushroom Taco

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AN’s Vegetarian Cuisines

This wouldn’t be a good Da Nang list if I didn’t include some real local authentic Vietnamese cuisine and AN’s would be my top choice in Da Nang for the best Vietnamese dishes. Everything from noodles to fresh spring rolls, Bánh xèo (Vietnamese Pancakes), and the best tasty dipping sauces is all served up with fresh ingredients, this place is a must-visit on your food tour in Da Nang.

Must Try: Bánh xèo

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Bao An Macrobiotic

Bao An Macrobiotic is a unique and casual dining restaurant in Da Nang, with a high emphasis on local fresh ingredients and cooked with the Macrobiotic method which balances the Yin and Yang of the food and cookware. You will taste something special in the food and after your meal feel uplifted from the love and energy it is prepared with. Expect to see traditional Vietnamese dishes on the menu and a retail store to purchase local rice and other items that promote good health.

Mì Quảng Noodles

some menu examples

Must Try: Mì Quảng Noodles

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21 Grams

This is a restaurant that I visited the most while in Da Nang as I thoroughly enjoyed its balance of healthy and also fulfilling dishes. It’s a modern contemporary dining establishment with a high emphasis on great service and quality ingredients all the while maintaining a price point that is consistent with its neighboring vegetarian establishments. Expect to experience everything from fresh tasty salads, to local signature noodles, soups, hotpots and more the menu is expansive and even has some Thai flavours included.

Must Try: Quảngnam Noodle

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Sangha – Vegetarian Restaurant

If you are looking for something a little more high-end/upmarket Sangha might be the perfect place for you. With a menu of beautifully presented traditional Vietnamese dishes served up in the delightful ambiance of both indoor and outdoor garden dining this place is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Must Try: Turmeric Tofu

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Roots Plant-Based

This photo may look very similar to the photo at the top of this blog for iVegan and that is because their menu is almost identical. I cant say for sure which one I prefer more, they are both outstanding but Roots Plant-Based may come up on top with a few specialty items which are the Snickers dessert and the pulled pork burger.

breakfast bowl

Must Try: Snickers Bar

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