Sankampaeng – Best places to visit

Sankampaeng is a small district in the Chiang Mai province about 35 minutes drive from the city center. There are many restaurants and coffee shops in the area and we have put together a little travel guide for your visit to this beautiful part of the world.


Your trip to Sankampaeng can either be made by motorcycle, car or a local transport service that departs from Warorot Market. For those that choose the transport service, it will take you direct to the Sankampaeng Hot Springs, click here to see a timetable.

We took a motorcylce and decided to visit the Dutch Farm, Jira Restaurant, Muang On Cave, Muang On Temple and then the Hot Springs. A trip done in this order makes for a very enjoyable day and the perfect itinerary.


We arrived at the Dutch Farm at 9am during December and were surprised to find we were the only visitors there. It is a really lovely place well maintained and has a nice coffee shop on site overlooking the rice fields.
Entry fee to get inside was 150 baht for Thais and 200 baht for Foreigners. We spent some time feeding the sheep and walking the pony’s, there are also a family of geese but watch out as they might chase you as they did to Tida. You can see in our video.


It was approaching lunch time so next on our route was Jira Restaurant. We discovered this on Google while searching for quality vegan food in Sankampaeng. The reviews looked great and we were not dissapointed when they served up some very generous plates filled with authentic Thai vegan cuisine. The service and setting was very well done and the price was very reasonable. The menu is written in Thai language so you may need some assistance ordering if you dont have a Thai speaker with you. To view the menu click here. For Google maps location click here.

Laab Mushroom, Glass Noodle Salad, Tom Ka Mushroom & rice


The Muang On Cave is an awesome place to visit if you like a bit of adventure and culture – entry fee is 20 baht per person and 10 baht to park your motorcycle. You will need to walk up the long serpent stairway to get to the cave entrance but trust us, it is worth it! When you step inside the cave you will be surrounded by mystery and wonder. The reclining Buddha and the stalactites hanging from the cave ceiling are a sight to behold. The cave stairway will take you deep down into the mountain and it is a real magical experience!


Just down the bottom of the hill that leads to the Muang On Cave we were surprised to see a community of wild monkeys living around the Muang On Temple. They are not viscious or hostile and can be seen climbing the temple walls, statues and surrounding trees. The monks feed the monkeys at certain times of the day and the temple dogs like to chase the monkeys and play games with them.


Visiting the Hot Springs makes for a nice day out, the grounds are surrounded by beautiful gardens and an on site restaurant. You have a few different choices when purchasing your ticket at the entrance. The full package includes access to a private hot bath room, the main large pool and you will get a towel provided. Price for foreigner is 200 baht for the full package and 100 baht for thai citizen. You will feel rejuvinated after spending time soaking in the hot water and there is also massage services available at very reasonable prices.