The Best Coffee Shops in Rawai Beach, Phuket

In recent years Rawai has become a great place for expats to reside, the close proximity to beaches, nice selection of both Thai and western food restaurants and great coffee shops. Below is my top choices for coffee in Rawai Phuket.

What makes a great coffee shop?
Style and ambiance
Quality Coffee
Variety of Coffee

These personal tastes are also reflected in my choices:
Good for co-working
Dairy-free coffee choices available
Offer an air-conditioned space
Small business and not a large franchise

1. Gallery Cafe

The Gallery Cafe has a few loacations around Phuket this one is located in the heart of Rawai Town, it is a colourful and spacious coffee shop with a large selection of hot and cold coffee’s and food. The Gallery name may come from the fact their is a nice selection of Art pieces displayed on the walls inside. On the menu you will find things like Bullet Proof Coffee, Coconut Cold Brew and Almond Milk Lattes available served with friendly service, light chilled music in an air-conditioned space. There is ample parking located behind the cafe and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating making it a highly recommended place to chill for an hour or more and co-work, meet friends and enjoy a break from the heat outside.

Must try: Almond Milk Latte

Google Maps Location:

2. Coffee Tribe

From the outside Coffee Tribe does not look so inviting, and it took me a while to finally visit because of this. But when I finally did, I was surprised! Inside is very welcoming and it has a wonderful layout with both indoor (AC) and outdoor seating. It is spacious enough and I really like the soft lighting, this makes the perfect environment for those working on laptop because you can see your screen really well. The coffee selection is large offering Flat Whites and alternative milks, served either hot/cold or in regular or large mugs. Some food selection is also available – juices, smoothies, wraps, burgers, etc.

Parking can be a challenge for cars depending on how busy the main road is but no problem for motorbikes.

Must try: Flat White Soy

Google Maps Location:

3. A Spoonful of Sugar

A Spoonful of Sugar is kinda like your grandma’s house, its cozy and friendly with an old-school touch. You can find a low table and sit on a cushion on the floor or you can take a chair at a table either inside or outside. The coffee is fantastic, smooth and strong with a wide selection and there is a big menu of healthy meals and cakes available.

Plenty of car park space available.

Must try: Almond Milk Latte

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