The Barber Shop Experience in Thailand

There is no shortage of hair salons in Thailand, it’s a common trade for Thai’s to practice, you will see them on every street and they can be easily seen with the trademark red, white and blue spinning barber pole.

Every salon experience in Thailand can be unique in its own way but there are some common traits you may experience all across the country.

These include:

  • No rush – Thai barbers seem to take it slow, almost like they are an artist working on an art piece. Because time for money have less importance in Thailand there is no reason to do things quickly.
  • Razor trimming – This is usually done towards the end of the haircut, don’t worry they will always bring out a fresh unused blade.
  • Attention to detail – Thai barbers will work meticulously to trim the smallest hairs.
  • Low cost – The average price for a man’s haircut is around 150 baht the price in some more boutique-style places can go to around 300 baht, this can include a wash and styling. Mens colour and cut can cost around 800 baht.

For those that enjoy watching the Barber Shop experience on YouTube I have a separate channel dedicated to a more ASMR style video. This channel is called ‘The Splendid Experience.’

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